How to Use Your Own Handwriting as System Font in Android

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Every beautiful thing in this universe are available with some or the other kind of CONDITIONS

Yes, Surely Yes, there is one and the only condition is that your mobile should be rooted

The method is quite simple and easy and you will first have to create the font of your handwriting and then set that fonts to your device. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Use Your Own Handwriting as System Font in Android:

STEP 1: First of all you need to visit the website

STEP 2: In this website, you need to download the template as Pdf or Png format and Print It

STEP 3: Now fill the form using the black pen and then you need to scan the page in (600x300dpi).

STEP 4: After filling it, Scan the form

STEP 5: Even you can use the cool app CamScanner that will make no need a huge scanner to scan the document.

STEP 6: Now upload the scanned document and give any name to your font

STEP 7: Now simply click on the start button and you need to wait till it generates .tif file and you need to download that file and place it in your sd card.

STEP 8: Now you need a rooted android and if you don’t have then simply follow the Guide to Root Android.

STEP 9: In your rooted android download the app iFont(Expert of Fonts).

STEP 10: Now simply click on “My Font” Tab there and then click on “Click This“

STEP 11: Now simply navigate to location to your .tif file and then simply click on set option there and then the process will start.

STEP 12: That's it you are done, now the font will get set to your android, enjoy the cool font on your device.

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